Ariel Ninas & Faltriqueira USA Tour

Sunday, October 6 2024 at 6:00 PM

Doors: 6PM; Performance: 7PM

The term “faltriqueira” denotes a pocket located beneath the costume of a Galician folk dancer. True to their name, this group of five female singers from Galicia, Spain, carries the Celtic heritage of their region with them into the present. They interweave intricate polyphonic vocals and synthesizers with acoustic instruments and the traditional beats of the pandereterias, the local female tambourine players. Ariel Ninas, an award-winning hurdy-gurdy player, will kick off the show for Faltriqueira. His music uniquely blends traditional Galician melodies infused with a modern punk edge.

Advance Seated: $25
Advance Standing: $20
At the door:
GA: $30
Students & Seniors: $25 (Please bring your student ID)
Experience the vibrant rhythms and rich melodies of Galician music with Faltriqueira and Ariel Ninas on their US tour!

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.

$25 in advance
$30 at door

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Experience the vibrant rhythms and rich melodies of Galician music with Faltriqueira and Ariel Ninas on their US tour!

Powerful ‘pandereteiras’, women singing ancient traditional music accompanying with their pandeiretas (tambourines) plus the medieval origins of a charismatic instrument such as the hurdy-gurdy for an immersive set of two concerts to travel emotionally to the heart of Galicia, the Celtic Spain in the northwest of Iberian Peninsula, just on the other side of the Atlantic Seaboard. Join us for an unforgettable evening as quartet Faltriqueira and soloist Ariel Ninas enchant audiences with their fresh voices, contagious energy and earthy sound. Experience the magic of Galician music brought to life by Faltriqueira on their US tour!

Faltriqueira, with over two decades of international acclaim, brings the soulful essence of traditional Galician music to stages across the United States. From the ancient roots of northern Spain’s Celtic heritage, Faltriqueira seamlessly blends polyphony with traditional percussion and acoustic instruments. Their captivating performances are a testament to their pioneering spirit in revitalizing rigid traditions, infusing them with youth, naturalness, and an eclectic array of musical styles. Having graced renowned festivals and shared stages with legends of the folk music genre, Faltriqueira’s music transcends borders, captivating audiences worldwide.

Ariel Ninas plays Galician-Celtic music with the hurdy-gurdy, a unique and rare instrument. His show is based on this repertoire along with his own creations, songs and instrumentals, based on the ancestral Galician tunes, hardly ever heard in the Americas as a soloist and virtuoso of the hurdy-gurdy. He plays music rooted in the Medieval times such as ballads from the 14th century; traditional dancing tunes like the genuine ‘muinheiras’ (similar to the Irish jigs); own compositions of vibrant instrumental music; mellow slow ‘ airs’ grounded on the continuous basic sound of the drone of the hurdy-gurdy; and ‘cantos de cego’: ‘songs of the blind’.