Chembo Corniel Quintet – CD Release Party “Artistas, Musicos Y Poetas”

Thursday, March 16 2023 at 7:00 PM

Doors: 7:00PM
Performance Times: 7:30PM

“Artistas, Músicos y Poetas” (Artist, Musicians & Poets) is Chembo Corniel’s 6th album under his record company Chemboro Records, Inc. Everything about this recording is exceptional: the selection of music, its sequence, the musicianship, the spoken word, and the beautiful cover art by Andres Chaparro and artwork by Charlie Rosario, coming seamlessly together under Chembo’s concept of paying homage to his musical roots, and his ancestors. Celebrating his 20th anniversary as a bandleader he is opening the door to the future by showcasing his new group of multi-talented, young, fresh, and gifted musicians.

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.

$20 in advance
$25 at door

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Chembo Corniel Quintet – CD Release Party “Artistas, Musicos Y Poetas”
Doors: 7:00 pm
SHOWTIME: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $20 Adv, $25 Door
21+ Event 

There are moments in the journeys of gifted artists where they produce a piece of work that transcends anything they have done in the past.
They could be painters, musicians, or poets, but when it happens, it’s as if their thinking, vision, creativity, passion, experience, and purpose all align in such a way that their hearts and souls lift their work to the highest levels. The only way to describe a great piece of work is – “Magnum Opus”. That is the case of Wilson “Chembo” Corniel’s “Artistas, Músicos y Poetas”.
Musicians and music bring us together for a community gathering and celebration, bring us light when there is darkness, hope when there is despair, therapy when our bodies and hearts are in pain, and uplift our spirits with inspiration. Percussionists in particular take me to distant places, to our roots and with every slap of their hands on the skin of a drum, or the sound of a stick, they awaken the spirits of our ancestors and connect us so that we honor them while we continue their legacy and path forward.