Lefteris Kordis “Aquarelles” Album Release Concert

Sunday, April 28 2024 at 8:00 PM

Doors: 8PM

Performance: 8:30PM

Lefteris Kordis, a pianist and composer, performs in an album release concert for his 7th album Aquarelles at DROM. Be prepared “to transform pain into beauty, grace, and healing energy.”

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.

$25 in advance
$30 at door


Lefteris Kordis, a pianist, composer, and ICM recording artist has established himself as a unique voice in the Mediterranean Jazz genre. He grew up in a multicultural area in Elefsis, an ancient town near Athens, Greece. Since age 4, he studied, performed, and composed based on a wide spectrum of genres including Greek folk, European chamber, and jazz.

Kordis takes influence from Jazz (of which he’s been a serious and busy practitioner, backing Osby, Shelia Jordan, Joe Lovano, Steve Lacy, etc.), from the Scriabin and Shostakovich he ingested in prodigious early classical studies, from a variety of Greek folk styles in which he’s fluent, and even from medieval Byzantine chant.

Lefteris Kordis, as well as the music he composes, is truly ‘worldwide’. In addition to the aforementioned genre masteries, Kordis brings a musicologist’s ear for the un-tempered harmonies of ancient Byzantine chant. Kordis writes and plays so that all these genre boundaries are ever artfully-blurred, and sometimes erased entirely.

In “Aquarelles: Celebrating the Inner Child” (out in March, 2024 on Greg Osby’s Inner Circle Music), the pianist and composer Lefteris Kordis presents a double album full of captivating and beautiful Mediterranean-inflected jazz compositions.

The diverse cast of musical voices also includes Lefteris Bournias, a contemporary master of traditional Greek clarinet language, the virtuosic and in-demand Peruvian-born bassist Jorge Roeder, Israeli drummer Eviatar Slivnik, and the Catalan guitarist Isaac Romagosa, among others. It’s a cosmopolitan crew befitting a musician with an international perspective, and a member of the select faculty at Berklee’s Global Jazz Institute (to which Kordis was recruited bydirector Danilo Perez, and where Colon is a former student and now faculty and Romagosa former student, among a plethora of up-and-coming stars.)

To be clear, “Aquarelles” is no pastiche or slapdash assembly. Kordis fully digests and transforms (and is transformed by) the varied musics on which he has been raised, leaning into the commonalities and the universalities, always singing through his fingers with a soulful humanity. It’s a great addition to an impressive body of work, the 7th album, by an inspiring musical global citizen from whom we’ve surely much more to hear.

“The quality and movement of Aquarelles (water and color) renders the expansive nature of the child-spirit – as I have experience it in certain people and phenomena through their art, teachings, and magnificent inspiration – as bigger than life itself.”

“These compositions are expressions of my experiences of receiving the gifts of the child-spirit’s power to transform pain into beauty, grace, and healing energy.”

– Lefteris Kordis