Per My Last Email

Saturday, August 12 2023 at 9:00 PM

Doors open 9:00 PM

Show begins 10:00 PM

Join us to hear Per My Last Email, a pop-rock group full of exceptional musicians whose passion is to bring electric live performances to their audiences!

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.



Per My Last Email is an independent international rock cover band with deep roots in NYC’s legendary downtown music scene. The band formed in 2021 as a collection of young business school students who discovered they shared passion for giving electric live performances. Their music has been described as reminiscent of young love, teenage rebellion, and coming of age all rolled into one.

Like all the best moments in life, Per My Last Email’s upcoming show can and should only be enjoyed in person.

Testimonials for Per My Last Email

“Life-changing. No other concert will ever compare.” – Lindsay Shiff

“BTS better watch out for this ensemble. The level of talent, good looks, and ability to make grown men shriek at pitches not heard since their 12-year old days is unmatched.” – Mohammed Sumon

“Per My Last Email was the first band I’ve seen with three guitarists, two drummers and half a bass player. They made it work and the two concerts were stand out nights from the MBA program. I sincerely hope they will be circling back into my inbox with a comeback tour email soon” – Joseph Morvan

“It was the best concert I’ve seen since Covid started!” – Natasha Raskin

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