Scatter The Atoms That Remain 

Thursday, February 9 2023 at 9:30 PM

Doors: 9:30pm
Show: 10pm
Scatter The Atoms That Remain 
Franklin Kiermyer ~ drums & leader
Davis Whitfield ~ piano & musical director
Ben Solomon ~ saxophone
Eric Wheeler ~ bass

$20 in advance
$25 at door

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Scatter The Atoms That Remain 
Franklin Kiermyer ~ drums & leader
Davis Whitfield ~ piano & musical director
Ben Solomon ~ saxophone
Eric Wheeler ~ bass


“A sense of shared catharsis through music that is at once majestic, ferocious, and relatable … the words “ecstasy” and “ecstatic” appear
almost predictably, but sometimes a word is just right. Scatter The Atoms That Remain channel the kind of beautiful, disciplined
intensity exemplified by late John Coltrane. This type of universal, non-denominational spirituality simply feels good.” ~ JAZZ AT

“Drummer Kiermyer thunders and clatters, generating multiple simultaneous pools of percussive activity that bubble and burst like
lava pits. His parts heard without the others’ would be symphonic. Here they dominate, his skins perhaps a touch tighter than Elvin’s, his
cymbals slightly brighter, his demands of heroic response just as dramatic. Scatter the Atoms That Remain calls for universal freedoms
such as it enacts.” – **** DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

“The transformative energy of Scatter The Atoms That Remain – A phenomenon on the current jazz scene. Drummer, composer and
leader Franklin Kiermyer and pianist Davis Whitfield are the soul of this formation, two artists who imprint spirit, magic, soul and heart
on the band, and who have been critically acclaimed in their many performances.” LEVANTE + VALENCIA PLAZA SPAIN

“Drummer Franklin Kiermyer is that rare jazzman – blessed with the ecstatic quality of his free-bop attack.” ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

“Kiermyer plays (and composes) with an almost evangelical belief in jazz as a form of pure inspiration.” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“love your new album … obviously…wow! Played a track on my last show!” GILLES PETERSON WORLDWIDE

“Spiritualism, Magic and Soul – An astonishingly rounded, flowing performance that focuses on spiritualism, magic and soul and lets the
transformative power of the quartet’s music shine brightly.” – GAESTELISTE GERMANY

Kiermyer supercharges spiritual modality…he plays with volcanic authority.” DOWN BEAT

“There may not be a quartet out there that best picks up where the Coltrane Quartet left off than drummer Franklin Kiermyer’s Scatter

“His writing is fiercely primal and his drumming ferocious, unbridled… a journey in the Sun Ship to heights of spiritual experience
through music…captures that mystical ecstasy with magnificent aplomb” JAZZIZ

“Drummer Franklin Kiermyer’s Further … the intensity of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. There’s a big sense of space in this live
recording and a thrilling sense of ambience.” SOUNDSTAGE EXPERIENCE (United Kingdom)

“Imagine if drummer Elvin Jones and Pianist McCoy Tyner had not left the John Coltrane Quartet in early 1966 and had spent another
year with the great saxophonist; it might have sounded something like this.” L.A. JAZZ SCENE

“A relentless pulse that conveys incredible strength … a sublime spirituality that envelops the entire album” JAZZ COLOURS (Italy)
“Few musicians approach the music from the same spiritual wellspring that “Trane” did … Fiery, the musical equivalent of a perfect
storm: It explodes and takes you for a ride. The playing is superb.” MTV / VH1.COM

“By its fervor and its sincerity, by the vibration that runs through all its music with an intense thrill, the quartet commands respect. Not
only is Franklin Kiermyer a drummer with a very strong presence, a technician of expansion, but he is surrounded by musicians who
speak the same language and share the same spiritual impulse. Their choral song deserves attention: it proves that, failing to clear
unknown lands, the spirit that inhabits it continues to produce magnetic effects.” CITIZEN JAZZ (France)

“Invokes the passionate intensity of Coltrane’s Sunship… textures drawn from traditions as diverse as Mbuti singing and Native
American chants balanced by Kiermyer’s ecstatic drumming.” RARU (South Africa)

“5-Stars! Immediately from the first song I was hit by the immediate and raw energy … this album has everything … Closer To the Sun is
an excellent album full of honest music from a fantastic, acoustic jazz quartet.” SKJAZZ (Slovakia)

“The function of our music – its true purpose – is fulfilled when every one feels strong, free and unafraid to jump into the unknown,
leaving behind what holds us back. That experience is what Scatter The Atoms That Remain is all about. Our music changes people.”