STIMULATE Presents Priest, VNV Nation Afterparty

Saturday, September 30 2023 at 10:30 PM

Doors open 10:30 PM

This is a 21+ Event

Saturday, September 30th Stimulate will celebrate its 15th Anniversary with us featuring special guest PRIEST with an aftershow party for VNV Nation!

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.


STIMULATE ‘s BIG 15 Year Anniversary celebration approaches! With Special Guest PRIEST (re-scheduled date from 2022) and an AfterShow Party for VNV NATION (Irving Plaza 7pm) special guest To Be Announced!
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Cleopatra Records signed synthwave act PRIEST, featuring former members of Grammy Award-winning Swedish rock act GHOST. Hailing from the same icy darkness of the Scandinavian inland that birthed GHOST, PRIEST consists of a trio of musicians — vocalist Mercury, who was known as Water when he played bass for GHOST, keyboardist Salt, formerly known as GHOST keyboardist Air, and programmer/ keyboardist Sulfur — who came together in 2017 and started releasing their own unique brew of electronic music. PRIEST comes steeped in cyberpunk and industrial music.

You can view their website here


VNV Nation

VNV Nation is an alternative electronic project led by Ronan Harris in the roles of singer, songwriter, and producer.

Their sound blends poetic and thought provoking lyrics with a sound that ranges from melodic dance beats and indie-electronic anthems to haunting ballads and post-classical soundtrack pieces. The live shows are legendary for their energy and positive emotion, drawing a devoted fanbase from across the musical spectrum to sold out tours and headline appearances at festivals in Europe and North America.

Over the course of the project’s career, VNV Nation has continued to reach new heights, with the last three albums charting in the top 10 in Germany. The last album “Noire” (released October 2018) reached #4 in the German media control album charts. VNV Nation’s next studio album, “Electric Sun” will be released early 2023.

You can visit their website here