Baklava Express, Compass Trio, and Mafer and the Piripis Band

Sunday, March 31 2024 at 7:00 PM

On March 31, Drom NYC will be the vibrant backdrop for an eclectic concert featuring Baklava Express, Compass Trio, and Mafer and the Piripis Band, each showcasing their unique musical styles. Baklava Express will energize with their Mediterranean and Balkan fusion, Compass Trio will charm with sophisticated jazz, and Mafer and the Piripis Band will uplift with lively Latin American rhythms, creating a night of diverse and dynamic performances.

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.

$15 in advance
$20 at door


On March 31, Drom NYC will host a vibrant and eclectic concert featuring three distinctive bands: Baklava Express, Compass Trio, and Mafer and the Piripis Band. Each band will bring its unique flavor to the stage, promising an evening filled with diverse musical styles and energetic performances.

Baklava Express, known for their lively fusion of Mediterranean and Balkan sounds, will captivate the audience with their upbeat rhythms and infectious melodies. Their music, a rich tapestry of cultural influences, features a blend of traditional instruments and modern flair, making them a favorite among fans of world music.

Compass Trio, a trio that brings an original compositional voice to the three musicians’ collective experience and expertise – Indian raga and tala, the art of flamenco, jazz harmony, and deep groove. The rhythmic form of North Indian music known as theka is a uniquely sophisticated container for exploring time and polyrhythm. Separated by hundreds of years and countless migrations of the Gitano diaspora throughout the present day Middle East and Europe we find the same concepts in new forms through the Spanish compás. This musical connection through history and culture is referenced in the name Compass; both a tool to find one’s way home as well as that which structures time in music, another form of finding “home”. Compass Trio is comprised of guitar and effects(James Labrosse), tabla (Tripp Dudley), and sitar (Galen Passen) and integrates these deeper connections of tradition and music into its interweaving forms, reflections and improvisations. Each piece is a truly original creation, borne out of our own individual creative expressions while being deeply rooted in the extensive traditions that we have studied. –

Mafer and the Piripis Band, renowned for their vibrant Latin American rhythms, will energize the crowd with their dynamic performance. Their repertoire, ranging from salsa to merengue, is infused with passion and lively beats, making them a must-see act for lovers of Latin music.

This concert at Drom NYC promises to be a memorable night, offering a unique mix of musical genres and cultures, all under one roof.