Muo Duo

Sunday, July 23 2023 at 6:30 PM

Doors – 6:30 PM


Muo Duo 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM

Cory Jeacoma 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.

$15 in advance
$20 at door

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Muo Duo

Muo Duo features New York-based brother-sister duo Miles and Winter. Miles started studying composition at Juilliard in high school, where he learned all the rules in order to know the perfect way to break them. Singer, producer, songwriter, trumpeteer, award-winning film score composer, he takes inspiration from The Beatles, Tyler The Creator, and Freddie Hubbard in order to make Muo Duo’s signature indie meets hip hop sound. He has always had a passion for songwriting, but originally studied French Horn at Juilliard before switching majors to composition.

In college at The University of Chicago, he studied biology and astrophysics while also playing music in various indie bands. There, he learned to take his classical composition skills and apply them to commercial songwriting, playing original music in venues throughout the city of Chicago. He also has composed music for and is the musical director of an award-winning documentary film group STAGE, working on a series called Curiosity: The Making of a Scientist. Their pilot episode has been shown at various film festivals across the country. Having expanded his musical knowledge, he is now a true multi-instrumentalist. Having studied opera, jazz trumpet, guitar, and synthesizers, he is able to take inspiration from the great artists that have come before him and create a truly unique and addictive sound for Muo Duo.

Winter is only 13 years old but her vocals are ageless. She began studying music by performing in Off-Broadway productions and quickly found herself playing the role of young Elsa in Disney’s production of Frozen on Broadway. She has also successfully pursued professional acting and has appeared in Sesame Street as well as Manifest, a series on Netflix. Currently singing in the children’s chorus at the MET Opera, she continues to follow her passions, and brings a serious vocal talent to the group.

Their separate careers came together during the pandemic, when the family was forced to hunker down for most of 2020 in a rural area of Vermont. Living the life as mountain hermits, they found making music to be a great escape and a way to connect with people being physically and emotionally isolated. They recorded their first songs in a make-shift sound booth in their bedroom, created by leaning two mattresses against each other. Over the two years that they have been working as Muo Duo, they developed a unique, genre-bending style that knows no bounds. Now, they cut their songs at the recording studio and have worked with established artists such as Mick Jenkins and Guapdad 4000, as well as grammy-winning engineer Will Borza. Their recent success and collaborations have provided a proof of concept of sorts as they look to bring their career to the next level.



Cory Jeacoma

Cory Jeacoma was born on Long Island, NY and grew up in Palm City, Florida. He also hates speaking in the third person so I’m putting an end to it. I attended Pace University for my BFA in Musical Theatre where I was fortunate enough to study under industry professionals in NYC such as Adam Guettel, Victoria Clark, John Doyle, Pasek, and Paul, as well as Bob Cline, JV Mercanti, and Pat Goodwin.

During my senior year, I was given the opportunity to be the B-Cast for Lincoln Center’s Sinatra Centennial concert at David Geffen Hall with The New York Philharmonic. The evening was directed by Lonny Price and I was to stand-in for 17-Time Grammy Award Winning Artist, Sting; one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Then I hit the regional circuit and not long after, found myself touring the United States in Jersey Boys as Bob Gaudio. After touring for a year with the show, I moved back to NYC to reprise Gaudio and open the off-broadway production of Jersey Boys at New World Stages.

A year seems to be my lucky amount of time because, after a year of that, I got to work with Tony Award Winners, Jerry Mitchell and Rick Elice, on the world premiere of My Very Own British Invasion at Papermill Playhouse. I felt like a damn rockstar getting to play guitar live onstage in the ensemble and understudy 2 of the leads.

Not long after MVOBI, I climbed the next rung of the ladder to a show nearing the end of its run and made my Broadway Debut as the songwriting legend, Gerry Goffin, in Beautiful: The Carole KingMusical.

I guess I’ve got a “songwriter” vibe to me? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be allotted the final months of the production and can say that I’m the last guy to play Gerry Goffin on Broadway.

Outside of my theatre-geek life,  I am a songwriter who is looking to release my Debut EP within the year. I try to keep my music dynamic and across the board but I definitely lean into a bit of a folky feel while also sticking to my crooning roots.

Other than that, I’m just a dude. Get to know me a little bit more through this site  (for which I have my awesome Aunt Beth to thank) or by checking out my shmuckery on Instagram @cocojeacoco.