Yeni Türkü in New York

Saturday, October 21 2023 at 7:00 PM

Door opens 7 PM

Show starts 8 PM

Tamara Jokic will be the opening act for the show

21+ Event 

GA $70

20 dollar table minimum per person is required.
Tickets are non-refundable.


Tamara Jokic will be the opening act for the show


Yeni Türkü (means New Folk Music in Turkish) is one of the best selling and best-known bands in Turkey. They had concerts in more than twenty countries and have recorded many albums since the establishment in 1978. Their music is based on combining the sound of traditional Turkish and modern musical instruments, such as the oud, baglama, kemence, qanun and guitar. Many of their lyrics are based on poems by critically acclaimed contemporary Turkish poets. This combination produces a broad range of Turkish and Mediterranean melodies, that unites Anatolian and Byzantine cultures. Yeni Türkü ‘s blend of traditional and ethnic songs appeals to all generations and cross-cultural audiences. All group members changed several times throughout the years, except the lead singer Derya Köroğlu.

You can learn more about the band here

The band has an extensive discography, which we have listed below:

Buğdayın Türküsü (1979)
Akdeniz Akdeniz (1983)
Film Müzikleri (1985)
Günebakan (1986)
Dünyanın Kapıları (1987)
Yeşilmişik (1988)
Vira Vira (1990)
Rumeli Konseri (1991)
Aşk Yeniden (1992)
Külhani Şarkılar (1994)
Süper Baba Film Müzikleri (1995)
Telli Telli Remixes (1996)
Her Dem Yeni (1996)
Yeni (1999)
Koleksiyon (2003)
Koleksiyon 2 (2004)
Koleksiyon 3 (2006)


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